What to bring for your balloon ride? 


Naturally at 5,000ft being in a hot air balloon makes the perfect viewing platform to see the world below and of course take some stunning photos. We highly recommend bringing a camera with you to make sure you can capture the experience and of course to show all your friends on Facebook :)

Don't worry, all our hot air balloon baskets come equipped with pouches inside to stow personal belongings of which will be fully briefed by the pilot prior to lift off.

In addition you can bring video cameras and binoculars so long as they can be stowed securely and safely. Please be aware that any equipment bought on board is done so at the owners risk as Cameron Flights cannot take responsibility in the event of damage to personal belongings.

We cannot accept large bags or luggage during the flight.

Overnight Accommodation

If you want to make a weekend of it you may wish to stay overnight at a hotel before or after your balloon flight. Just give our team a call and we will be happy to provide details of various venues from the budget to the luxury near to your launch location.

Customers in balloon basket over woods

Blue hot air balloon

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Three hot air balloons